Exeception Clause

Exemption clause:

Zeta mall of the right to use, ownership, edit the right to edit all HD Zeta net. Please read the terms carefully before using this site, and use the Zeta mall to indicate that you have read and accepted this disclaimer.

A web site, use: Any unit and individual shall not for any reason, have not been in the HD Zeta network authorization, modify, copy, display content and information Zeta mall, is prohibited for any purpose will Zeta mall information for other network and computer environment. In the event of a breach. Members, users, if there is violation, Zeta mall has the right to terminate the agreement with you.

Two, member information and information release: Member registration information, the need to ensure that the information is true and effective, Zeta mall will not be responsible for the authenticity of such information. If you do not notice, this site will be in any form of information and information available as an open information. Member information and members to provide information, the site will not be modified to the original information presented to everyone, so Zeta mall does not guarantee the integrity of the information, accuracy. Zeta mall in the product, configuration, price and various activities, will be changed at any time without notice.

Three, commodity management: the information released in the mall, sales of products must comply with the provisions of national laws and regulations. Not in the Zeta mall, or through the Zeta mall publish any illegal, slander, threats, slander, pornography, superstition, destruction of national unity and any other illegal information, including materials, data, image, sound and text and other content. Zeta mall goods, information and services are provided by different businesses and various services, any non mall independently operated businesses and third party content providers, the mall only urge action, specific issues, customer needs careful selection, risk and consequence, independent bear by the customer.

Four Disclaimer: as a result of force majeure and other uncontrollable reasons, or because of the customer's own improper operation, resulting in poor sales system collapse, online transactions can not be completed, the loss of information and records, but does not assume responsibility for the Zeta mall, will be to reasonably deal with the aftermath, to enable customers to avoid loss.

Five, change the content: Zeta mall can change, suspend or terminate any content in this website. Zeta mall has the right to be in the absence of the notice does not assume responsibility for certain customers and services to be limited, until the termination of the right to restrict the login. Zeta mall may at any time in accordance with the development of the market to change the "Disclaimer" in the content, you need to log on to this page to understand the current terms.

Six, the exemption clause and the final interpretation of the right to explain the Zeta mall, owned by both the high definition of Zeta mall, all the.