Return Policy

Refund method:

When your product problems need to refund, please contact customer service first, please elaborate in the mail order number, refund, refund details, customer service will reply to you within 24 hours (except holidays).

In addition our refund has the following requirements: please be sure to understand in detail and then apply for a refund:

1, please be sure to use the same e-mail address when you send the mail, customer service to determine the buyer is issued after the refund application to confirm.

2, if you do not want to buy goods and have been paid, please be sure to contact the customer within 72 hours after the application for a refund application, more than 72 hours we will not accept a refund application.

3, if you buy the product extension for sale, you can in the customer service notification product extension until the time of shipment before any refund.