Privacy Notice

Privacy protection:

1: the username and password when you intend to register as a user, we ask you to select a username and password, but also provide the password question and answer to your lost password after we can confirm your identity. You can only use your password to use your account. If you leak the password, you may lose your personal identification information, and may lead to adverse judicial acts against you.

2 registration information: when you register as a user, we ask you to fill out a registry. We use registration information to obtain user statistics. We will use these statistics to classify our users in order to provide new services to our users. Your trading behavior: we track IP addresses just for the sake of security. If we do not find any security issues, we will promptly delete the IP address we collected. We also track all day page access data. Full page access data is used to reflect the flow of the site, one is that we can make plans for the future development.

3 ad: we will conduct a comprehensive statistical data on personal identity, and the need for sales and incentives to disclose the comprehensive statistics to advertisers.

4 third party: we do not provide to any third party, sell, rent, share and exchange the user's personal information, unless the third party and the mall together for the website and the user success and provide service after the end of the service has forbidden access includes all these data accessed before. When we are forced by law or in accordance with the requirements of the government to provide your information we will be good to disclose your information.

4 external links: this site contains links to other sites. The mall is not responsible for the privacy protection measures. We may be able to increase the business partner or share the brand's Web site at any time, but it will be a comprehensive information and we will not disclose your identity.

5 site safety: we have the appropriate security measures to ensure that the information we have not lost, misused and altered. These security measures include backup data to other servers and encryption of user passwords. Although we have these security measures, please note that there are no perfect security measures on the internet.

6: you can modify your data at any time in the success mall website to revise or update your personal information and password (in after a successful login).