HDzeta was founded in 2013, is a company engaged in multimedia publications sales. By the end of 2020, after nearly 10 years of operation, we have become a brand of experienced, product specialized and product line brand in the film collection field. Our company has worked closely with many movie agents in Chinese mainland for many years. More than 200 Classic Film publications including 4 film companies (Warner pictures, Universal Pictures, Sony Columbia Pictures and Paramount Pictures) were sold in formats including high-definition Blu-ray discs and UltraHD 4k discs. Professional design teams designed and produced all the packages, We also guarantee that all product designs have passed the original right, all film companies have certified hairstyles, and the brands cooperating with the company include scanovo, the world's largest patent holder of packaging publications, and Steelbook, the world's only popular patent brand. All publications of the company are produced and packaged for sale under the authorization of its patent brand.

           Our company is well known in the circle of collectors at location and abroad. The website has a large number of members and brand fans. In the future,we will continue to work with you to stick to this territory that belongs to the hobby of collectors and make excellent products to present to all collectors. Thank you for your support .