Product Replacement Method:
When you encounter problems need to replace the products when you first please contact customer service:, please email detailed description of goods exchange situation, reason, order number, product defect pictures and other details, the customer will respond to you within 48 hours (except holidays).

When the customer service to confirm the product really needs to be replaced, we will provide the goods return address, please provide proof of delivery after the freight invoice uploaded to the customer service staff, we will receive the goods freight truthfully returned to you, and in 72 hours for you to send back the replacement products.

In addition our replacement service has the following requirements: please understand in detail after the replacement application:
1.Please be sure to use the same e-mail address when you send the mail, customer service to determine the buyer is issued after the refund application to confirm.

2.If Customer services confirms that there is no quanlity problem,we has the right to refuse replacement.