Shopping process

Search goods

1 through the importation of the name of the commodity or keyword search. Enter the name or key words in the commodity search bar, click on the search button, you can search out all the goods in line with the conditions, the search bar will be displayed below the search results.

2 you can find the goods you want to buy through the classification of the navigation bar, according to the classification to find the goods you want. View the details of the product search to the relevant products, click on the goods into the detailed page. In this page you can see the price of goods, goods, specifications, packing list and after-sales service information. In addition, you can also view the product comparison, promotional information, participate in the purchase of advice. When you click on the picture, you can see the big picture.

Into the shopping cart
1 into the shopping cart to pick up the goods, click on the details of the goods into the shopping cart button, the goods into the shopping cart.

2 view shopping cart items into the shopping cart, the page automatically into the shopping cart, you can also click on the shopping cart icon to view the purchase of goods.3 you can use the shopping cart shopping cart in the following goods:
(1) modify the quantity of the goods if you want to modify the quantity of the goods, you can change the quantity of the goods in the bill.
(2) if you want to delete the goods, in the shopping cart, click the delete button.
(3) into the settlement centre
When you confirm the purchase of goods, you can click on the immediate settlement button for settlement.